Sorry, Rabbi

A film by Mark Slutsky
starring Jacob Tierney and Jessica Paré
Produced by John Christou & Aisling Chin-Yee

“Wryly funny” – Jason Anderson, Toronto Star
“A deftly constructed parable about a secular Montreal Jew who runs afoul of his Hasidic neighbours” – Adam Nayman, The Grid
“Slutsky’s sharp comic timing keeps the story moving along swiftly” – Nightlife

Trial by Rabbi! Surrounded by angry Hassids, Josh is astonished to find himself accused of anti-Semitic violence. He’s Jewish himself, if non-practicing — what would his mother think? With a bleeding Hassid, an exasperated Rabbi, and Josh’s newly broken heart jostling for space in the crowded office, who’s telling the truth?

World Premiere, 2011 Toronto International Film Festival
Official Selection, 2011 Atlantic Film Festival
Official Selection, 2011 Calgary International Film Festival


October 21-23, Toronto: Playing in front of Peepers at The Royal cinema
November 15, Montreal: Playing at Prends ça court!, more details soon!


Written and directed by Mark Slutsky
JOSH // Jacob Tierney
MARIE-HÉLÈNE // Jessica Paré
CHAIM // Howard Bilerman
THE RABBI // Arthur Holden
Cinematography by Bobby Shore
Art direction by Veronica Classen
Costume design by Jenna Wright
Edited by Jared Curtis
Music by Nadia Moss and Jessica Moss

PHOTOS (click for high-res version)

(l-r:) Jacob Tierney and Howard Bilerman as Josh and Chaim, respectively.
Photo credit: Daniel Francis Haber

(l-r:) Jacob Tierney and Howard Bilerman as Josh and Chaim, respectively.

Jessica Paré and Jacob Tierney as Marie-Hélène and Josh, respectively.
Photo credit: Darren Curtis

Jessica Paré as Marie-Hélène.

Jacob Tierney as Josh.

Arthur Holden as The Rabbi.

Director Mark Slutsky.
Photo credit: Darren Curtis

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