22 Oct '14

In honour of RHYMES FOR YOUNG GHOULS theatrical release in the USA on October 24th (for cities, dates and time please click here) and it’s Canadian cable premiere on The Movie Network and Movie Central on October 23rd, we’re thrilled to release the RHYMES FOR YOUNG GHOULS track list.

We don’t have the rights to release an actual soundtrack but we’ve done the next best thing. We’ve created a youtube playlist featuring all of the music in the film. The only songs missing are the original tracks and score that were written and performed by Jeff Barnaby & Joe Barrucco. Maybe if there is enough demand, we’ll get around to posting those on youtube someday soon.

RHYMES FOR YOUNG GHOULS complete soundtrack playlist

Individual tracks:

“Treat Me The Way You Do” by Joe Carter and the Chicago Broom Dusters

“Wished I was in heaven sitting down” by Fred McDowell (not the exact same version but close)

“Sinister Kid” by The Black Keys

“My mother died and left me” by Fred McDowell

“Leave Me and My Woman Alone (Friend of Mine)” by RL Burnside

“Tumble and Roll” by Hambone Willie Newburn

“O Vos Omnes”, The Tudor Consort Tomas Luis de Victoria (not the exact same version but close)

“PBC ft. Sheldon Sundon” by A Tribe Called Red

Score & original music by Jeff Barnaby & Joe Barrucco

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