02 Oct '13

Since it was announced that RHYMES FOR YOUNG GHOULS would premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, the media has been buzzing about the film. A dozen reviews of the film have been published since the beginning of September. Here is a small sample of what they’ve been saying:

“It’s a tough, gritty piece of work, long on the violence but invested with the poetic sensibility you find in a Cormac McCarthy novel or Tom Waits song.” – James Adams, Globe & Mail, September 4th, 2013

“It’s an impressively accomplished debut, a startling, unsettling narrative, and a series of strong performances that should solidify this as a future touchstone in both Native and English Canadian cinema. – Jason Gorber,, Sept 20th

“Rhymes For Young Ghouls is a tremendously rousing film that announces the arrival of an exciting new voice in Canadian cinema.” – Scott A. Gray, Exclaim, Sept 11th

“Barnaby’s crisp direction shines a weathered lens on an ugly, intolerable part of our history. The filmmaker digs up the corpses of the desecrated dead, painting a portrait of history with its own ashes.” – Jacob Boon, The Halifax Coast, Sept 11th

“The film almost defies classification with the tone, energy, and atmosphere the team creates. It’s brutal and frank, but also darkly funny and wickedly entertaining.” – Cinemablogapher, Sept 12th, 2013

“The most shocking thing about the nightmare world in Jeff Barnaby’s eye-opening masterpiece is that it’s real. Aila and her revenge plot are fiction, but the abuse of First Nations is fact. Documented cases in the missionary-run residential school system were acknowledged by the Anglican Church of Canada (1993), and the Vatican (2009). While we preach human rights to countries abroad, we need more Jeff Barnabys to open our eyes. We can’t change a past most of us were sheltered from, but we can move forward educated, aware, and with compassion.” – Isabel Cupryn, Canadian Film Review

“it skips seamlessly between moments of levity to moments so brutal the gasps coming from the audience were some of the strongest reactions I’ve ever seen towards a film.” – Nat Master,, Sept 30th, 2013

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